Stalemate on delimitation & another request for a limited dialogue – Abdul Q Kundi

Former President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce USA (PCC-USA) and PTI Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued a public statement about the stalemate on delimitations:

Parliament, politicians and democratic government have lost relevance because of its failure to act timely and authoritatively in the national interest rather than remain mired in protecting parochial and narrow interests of civilian dictators. In last four years Supreme Court has emerged as a protector of democracy and had to take executive authority in its own hands to ensure delivery of basic rights guaranteed by the constitution. Local government elections, Panama papers JIT, and census 2017 were all ordered by the Supreme Court rather than proactively organized by politicians as it fell in their domain. The census which is an important foundation for social justice was unnecessarily delayed and now when it is completed political parties rather than trying to sort out the issues among themselves are using it to further their own narrow political interests. I had proposed soon after provisional data was released that each political party should nominate a statistical expert to look at the detailed data and find solutions to concerns of political parties.

Considering all these failures of the parliamentarians, a couple of months ago, I had proposed a limited dialogue among all politicians to arrive at some compromise to go forward. Stalemate on delimitation is just the continuation of past trends and I foresee continued political uncertainty if elections are held in such environment. So I request one more time for a limited dialogue among all parties to discuss agenda of how to arrive at political stability in which next elections is just one of many items. We would not accept any dialogue in which we are not participants as civilian dictators controlled parties have failed to go beyond safeguarding the interests of individuals as was evident in Election Reform Bill 2017.

I will send a separate private message to all political parties to convince them to hold this limited dialogue. If we fail to act the vacuum will be filled by others and we can’t blame them for it.

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