Parliamentary Inquiry of all Dharnas & Agreement with TLYRA – Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

I sent following proposal to parliamentary leaders of PTI, PML N, PPP, QWP, MQM, JI, and ANP. I request you to please publish it in your newspaper as a letter to the editor or any other way so that public support can be generated for it. If we fail to hold people accountable for the chaos & destruction then the state of Pakistan is on a path of complete destruction from within.

Following is the text of the message sent to the parliamentarians:

In one of my recent public statements, I had demanded that a parliamentary or judicial inquiry should be held to ascertain motives, people, and organizations behind dharnas held since 2013. Those found responsible for creating chaos to achieve political objectives using unconstitutional means should be held accountable and prosecuted. I am grateful that Senator Farhatullah Babar has also demanded this inquiry during a Senate session yesterday as reported by Dawn news.

The inquiry should also review the agreement signed between Government and TLYRA to ascertain whether this agreement is compliant with the constitution and whether basic rights of people guaranteed by the state were violated by dharna leaders and participants. It should also determine whether negotiators had the authority to close cases in their individual right.

If we fail to hold this inquiry then we should know that all of us will be responsible for the dissolution of the state of Pakistan as those leading and participating in the Faizabad dharna will not be stopping at it. Their aim is clear. They want to control the state through unlawful means and impose their will on the people.

I am sending this request to you privately and will also be making it public. I hope all of you will consider this.

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