Lahore vs London plan of PML N by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Following is my press statement by former member of PTI Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi on PML N London meeting:

It seems PML N is in two minds about which plan to adopt Lahore plan or the London Plan. As you all know the dummy PM went to Lahore to meet with the PM in waiting to discuss how to deal with the real PM performing Umrah and hell-bent on returning to find out people behind Mujhe Kyun nikala. Both plans have nothing in it for the nation. Lahore plan is to ensure there are no roadblocks in the ascension of PM in waiting while London Plan is to ensure inheritance is uninterrupted.

Nawaz Sharif history is full of politics when he derailed democratic enterprise for his personal gain and it seems once again he wants to risk everything for his self-interest. He has not yet presented any structural reforms to further strengthen democracy, empower elected government, make parliament relevant, and deliver good governance to the nation. At every juncture in last four and a half years, he preferred to further party interest at the cost of national interest. Renewal of military courts without judicial reforms, reforms in NAB laws, and electoral reforms are all missed opportunities that will be remembered in his failed third term. Growing income and social divide; heavy debt burden; and declining exports will be the hallmark of the performance of his government. The increasing gap between the quality of life in Punjab and other provinces has weakened the federation and encouraged divisions based on ethnicity. Nawaz Sharif failed to deliver in all his three tenures except some shiny infrastructure projects that were completed at a higher cost as compared to some other projects in the region. CPEC is a good initiative but its details are shrouded in mystery and not yet clear whether it can translate into higher foreign direct investment (FDI), increased exports, reduce trade gap with China, and create a large number of jobs.

People of Pakistan should elect leaders that can lead rather than exploit them for their own personal and family interest. Next election will offer that opportunity one more time.

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