Is Imran Khan a fascist? Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Following is public position of Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi, candidate NA-240 Karachi and former member of PTI Central Tarbiyati Council:

Yesterday ousted PM called Imran Khan fascist while talking to media. Coincidently yesterday I also got a call from someone that is part of a whats app group and apparently not happy about my narrative that PTI-L (lotas) can’t win elections. He started the call with an effort to establish that he is very influential and knows many powerful people in the country. And then started a barrage ofgalian along with a threat that if I did not stop my narrative about PTI-L then he will see to it that my legs are broken during my next trip to Lahore. Well If I was afraid of such bullying tactics employed by land grabbers and Sicilian mafia then I would not embark on this journey of politically challenging PTI-L. I have received many threats in the past but usually from cult followers of IK so it was the first time that someone claimed to be influential and decided to warn me of dire consequences. That could also mean my level is upgraded as well.

In the light of above event can we say Imran Khan is fascist? Personally, I think he is not but he does express tendencies to be a fascist man. One reason I have my doubts that despite many requests in the past he has never taken any action against party members that have targeted journalists and party dissidents on social media. Each time such request was made he gave the lame excuse that identities of such people are hard to establish and they could be covert members of other parties. But in case of Ayesha Gulalai, many close associates of IK engaged in bullying of her and her sister without allowing due process to take it’s  course and no action was taken against them. Similar bullying was experienced by Justice Wajih, Tasneem Noorani, and many others but these senior level and highly respected people decided to part ways rather than expect Imran Khan to come to their aid. He has always resisted demands to issue show cause to bullies around him and punished whsitleblowers rather than those engaged in such acts.

I have this advice for Imran Khan. He does not understand the dynamics of PTI and its supporters. Most PTI activists joined politics because they wanted to lead a transformation of the country through a constitutional and democratic process. They will never accept PTI-L and will not vote for these land grabbers and political garbage of other parties. Once again I am not suggesting all electable are bad. I know a lot of honorable and honest electable but the majority of those recruited by investors of Ik have a questionable political record and a bad reputation in their constituencies. They won’t be making him PM because PTI will not be voting for them.

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