Faisal Vawda of PTI-L was part of brokering deal between MQM & PSP

Following is the statement of Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi former President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA (PCC-USA) and PTI Central Tarbiyati Council:

Yesterday someone from MQM-P confirmed that Faisal Vawda from PTI-L (losers or lotas) was part of the process that brokered the marriage between MQM-P and PSP. It was not a surprise for me but it definitely confirmed that PTI-L has lost the city of Karachi. Why would PTI-L be interested in brokering a deal among its main rival in the city? It was driven by personal rather than party interests. As per the possible deal PTI-L would get five seats for its nihari, selfie and talk show politicians Dr. Arif Alvi, Firdous Shamim, Imran Ismail, Ali Zaidi, and Najeeb Haroon (or Haleem Adil Sheikh). Dr. Alvi and Firdous Shamim has the potential to win elections on their own but the other three could not win without taking out the competition from MQM-P. Then the only other major party left would have been PPP which they felt they can take on.

I am not against political or electoral alliances. But to use derogatory and uncivilized language against your opponents and then sit with them for an alliance is outright hypocrisy. This Trumpian style of politics has been the norm in Pakistan for a long time and one of the main reason people lost faith in their politicians. Political activists are asked to sometimes even engage in fist fights with each other while their party leaders sit around the table to form deals as well as enjoy good a meal.

In my view the electoral alliance in Karachi for 2018 general elections will be between MQM-P and PML N because their objectives align. For PTI the only way to succeed is to liberate itself from PTI-L and its nihari, selfie, and talk show politicians.

For the record, as a politician I maintain contact with all political parties including MQM-P but that does not mean I agree with their politics. We have an understanding to agree to disagree but maintain mutual respect. My aim has always been development of PTI that can lead transformation of Pakistan.

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