Artificial jalsas and death of Sain Hara by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Last week two prominent journalists Nusrat Javeed and Hamid Mir wrote eulogies about the death of Sain Hara (Sain Green). They narrated the political struggle of this jiyala of PPP and condition of his life despite PPP gaining power multiple times. Hamid Mir also narrated story of another jiayala Paras Jan and her son’s sacrifices for the party. Both these eulogies were not just about Sain Hara but death of the political activists. Activists that are motivated and inspired by dreams of pursuing the creation of a just and progressive Pakistan rather than seeking anything for themselves. But these activists despite losing everything in life have failed as all parties including PTI-L (lotas or losers), PML N and PPP are dictatorships and springboard for ruling elites. None of these parties now offer a roadmap for an activist to rise to the top purely based on their merit. All these parties now require family connection and big money to be given an opportunity both as a party official and elected parliamentarian. These parties are a problem rather than a solution to cure Pakistan’s bad democracy.

Ahsan Iqbal, Shahid Khaqqan Abbasi, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Aitzaz Ahsan, Farhatullah Babar, Raza Rabbani, and many other educated people are enslaved by the ruling families. They have agreed to pawn their political independence for small favors of being made senators or parliamentarians. These are not political activists rather agents of the ruling families to help them retain control of the parties. They are facilitators and promoters of civilian dictatorships by refusing to raise their voices inside the party. Saad Rafique in an interview yesterday committed intellectual dishonesty by suggesting that mauroosi siasat is a norm in South Asia. Modi is not mauroosi siasat dan. Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran, South Korea and many others have progressed to defy mauroosi siasat and also progressed as societies because of the introduction of merit. Civil-military balance and stature of parliament will never be achieved through these civilian dictators controlled parties because military Generals rise to the top through sheer hard work and merit. They have no respect for these parachute politicians that have not earned their credentials by rising from the grassroots. Generals are also aware of the skeleton in their family cupboards and exploit it to the fullest to gain political clout for their institution.

Media for its part support and facilitate the emergence of civilian dictators. None of the media has ever made efforts to read the constitutions of political parties and ask whether office holders of these parties are based on its constitution or not. None of the media ever invited office holders of these parties and placed the party constitution in front of them to explain whether the party is operating based on it or not. And also, whether the constitutions of these parties are democratic in its letter and spirit or not. Now all of them are busy promoting next generation of civilian dictators Maryam Nawaz, Hamza Shahbaz, Bilawal Zardari, Monis Elahi etc. etc. I am not against any of them participating in politics. But they should start from managing a district first rather than claim the top position because of their DNA.

These elite controlled parties are now hosting jalsas which gather crowd through a methodology rather than the passion and voluntary efforts of the political activists. The method is simple. Recruit an influential electable that has the resources to pay for the crowd. Yes, most these jalsas are now held through rent a crowd. The speeches in these jalsas are devoid of substance and depth. These speeches are high on emotional opium to keep the masses subjugated to the ruling elite.

A revolutionary idea is germinating in MQM-P that is trying to remain politically relevant despite severing ties with its narcissist and fascist founder. They are facing many hurdles including politically engineered PSP luring away their elected members of parliament. PML N and PPP seem to be fully onboard in this break up of MQM-P as they don’t want to set a precedence of a party surviving beyond their founder.

Activists of PML N and PPP will do whatever they think appropriate for their parties. But inside PTI a large majority of party members (around 92%) refused to legitimize the dictatorship of Imran Khan when he tried to install his investors through an unconstitutional party election. It is because of that we call them PTI-L (losers and lotas). Not only that in every district PTI activists are refusing to accept control of PTI-L and standing up to them. Imran Khan will not become PM just through PTI-L election strategy of electable+IK. He would need PTI that retains the winning margin but we won’t provide him a muft support and challenge him to win without us. Our demands are simple to build tanzim based on party constitution; ensure delivery based on party ideology; reject mauroosi links in the award of tickets; and due diligence to ensure merit in the award of a ticket. We are not against electable but they can’t be allowed to control the party and they can’t be given tickets without the proper due diligence of their past politics.

PTI activists that refuse to accept illegitimate control of PTI-L are labeled as enemies and traitors. They want to push us out but we refuse to go away. The artificial crowd in PTI-L jalsas is not a guarantee of an election win. Jalsas are only 10% of an election strategy the rest 90% is other stuff for which Imran Khan would need PTI. Since 1992 world cup and all subsequent speeches Imran Khan believes only he is enough for a win and rest is an unnecessary accessory. It is a mistake as he could not win 1992 world cup without the performance by the other 10 members that he did not acknowledge in his winning speech. Imran Khan has a choice to make. Does he want to become a PM or not? 2018 may be his last chance to reach the top. If he decides to reject demands of PTI activists, we will continue on our path with or without him.

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