PML N, PPP and PTI-L contribute in radicalization of youth – Abdul Q. Kundi

Asif Ali Zardari in every interview suggests that Aseefa and Bilawal are ready to lead PPP. Nawaz Sharif heir apparent is Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif has groomed Hamza to replace him as CM Punjab. For them, sons of the nation do not deserve their patronage. This is not the end of the story. MNAs of these parties groom their sons and daughters to inherit their seats. Imran Khan has allowed Pervez Khattak, Shahram Tarahkai, Atif Khan, Asad Qaiser, and Ali Amin Gandapur to award party tickets to their family members at the cost of the party. Since 2013 I have repeatedly written that high expectations created by Imran Khan among young activists will result in radicalization of these youth when these dreams are shattered. That now seems to be the case. Not only that to get a party ticket a person has to donate millions to their parties and then spend few more millions to contest an election.

So ambitious middle-class young men found another way to participate in politics. They spend few thousand rupees to buy weapons and bullets. Use the internet to learn about terrorist techniques and then execute these plans in a fantastic fashion to make a political statement. They use religion to legitimize their crimes because they see politicians do the same. These radicalized young men have shown the talent of leadership by attracting, inspiring, and risking their lives in terrorist acts as a group. This leadership talent could have been used positively if political parties were not controlled by a political elite that does not provide level playing fields to all citizen of the state to participate in politics. It is, for this reason, I believe all three major parties PML N, PPP, and PTI are contributing in the radicalization of our youth.

But political parties are not the only ones to blame. Our media tells the nation without any evidence that heads of political parties are Modi ka Yaar, Yahudi agent, or sold the national interest to Americans. This creates doubts, fear, and confusion among the youth. They wonder why such people are allowed to rule them when their sympathies lie else where. This compels them to take initiative in their own hands to liberate the nation from these agents of foreign powers.

On top of that high and mighty judges call politician Sicilian mafia while remaining unconcerned about the state of District and Sessions courts where the nexus between judges and lawyers drag cases. Lawyers earn retainer from poor petitioners for years without getting them justice. This organized injustice seems to make no difference to the mighty judges and they seem powerless to improve it.

All these and many other factors contribute towards the radicalization of our youth as they are angry at the state for all the injustices caused by it. I support military and police operation against terrorist cells but this is only a short term solution. The root cause of terrorism social injustice has to be addressed to eradicate it completely. It is for this reason we have proposed a limited dialogue between political parties before we enter next election cycle. I have been in touch with political parties in this regard but so far the response is luke warm. I hope that our newspapers and oped writers will take up this matter so that pressure could be exerted on political parties to sit together for this dialogue. We would like to be part of it because PML N and PPP have the habit of engaging in muk mukka and grand bargain for themselves while ignoring critical issues faced by the nation.

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