PTI-L is similar to IJI and PML-Q: Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee & Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued a public statement about the political situation in the country.

It seems our status quo politicians, as well as third umpire, are out of step with the nation. The nation now wants a progressive and democratic Pakistan where people have a voice in the affairs of the state not just through a ballot box but also through transparent sharing of information on key decisions. The nation wants rule of law that is applied uniformly and equally without favor. The nation wants their representative in the assemblies rather than experiments like NRO, IJI and PML-Q. In this context, PTI-L (lotas) that is now lead by Imran Khan and PSP lead by Mustafa Kamal is considered as another such experiment by the third umpire.

Imran Khan has terrible political timing and his twenty years career is full of badly timed decisions. Just when the nation was ready for him to lead on a new path he decided to take a u-turn and abandon PTI to lead PTI-L (Lotas). In 1st dharna, he kept waiting for the third umpire to raise their finger. And now he has become a sidekick of Panama JIT. PTI-L has become a political arm of the JIT rather than maintain their independent position so that they have a fallback position. Imran Khan is wrongly assuming that 3rd Umpire is a monolith and has no support for Nawaz Sharif or PML N. The reality is that 3rd Umpire is divided between pro and anti-NS camps. There is no pro-IK camp in 3rd Umpire because of his repeated U-turns and no consistency in policy positions. For them, IK is a tool to be used. Placement of some people around IK is to provide a plan b in case there is a need for it. Last time in Pervez Musharraf time Ch. Shujaat stole the show from IK this time it will be some of those around him.

The by-election of PS-114 is an important test to analyze whether PTI-L can win. I endorse candidature of Najeeb Haroon. He is a self-made man with no corruption and one of the highest taxpayer in the country. But he has made some mistakes that may cost him. Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen, Azam Swati and Dr. Arif Alvi all have campaigned on his behalf while PPP and MQM campaigns are run by local teams. I sent some advice to Najeeb Haroon but it seems that it fell on deaf ear. I am closely monitoring the campaign and consider it as one of the indicators of what is about to come in 2018 general elections in Karachi.

PML N, on the other hand, is playing it safe. They are appearing before JIT so technically adhering to the Supreme Court decision but at the same time raising a political hue and cry to gain sympathy votes of Punjab. So they are prepared for both eventualities which are quite possible.

Asif Ali Zardari, the guru of politics in Pakistan, has the same position as mine. He said in his last interview on Bol Network that JIT does not have the mandate to disqualify Nawaz Sharif but rather Supreme Court will pursue a due process. There is no statement from Bilawal or AAZ about JIT interrogation. It will suit AAZ that NS remains under political pressure but is not disqualified as it will help undermine the emergence of PTI-L in Punjab. In that situation, a hung parliament is a real possibility and that could give PPP a chance to become part of a coalition.

What should be our plan? We will continue building our candidate list for PTI. I got some good expert names for Manifesto building so inshallah will start work on that. But soon we have to show our street power to PTI-L (lotas) that PTI has the support of the people, not them.

What Next?

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