Seeds of Parachinar are sown in the constitution: Abdul Q. Kundi

Following press release was issued by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi, former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee & Central Tarbiyati Council.

Two Nation theory suggested Muslims are a different nation culturally, linguistically, and religiously as compared to the other community Hindus in pre-partition India. In this formulation, there were no suggestions that ethnicities and other communities would be sons of a lesser God or that the state formed based on this would be treating citizens differently in their rights. The suggestion was that the new state would pursue the moral and social values presented by Islam and would be a modern day state of Medina formed on the basis of Charter of Medina.

When Pakistan was created the Two Nation theory expired as it had achieved its objective. After independence, the need was the development of a social contract that lays the foundation for a modern-day Medina. But the unfortunate fact is that the constitution of Pakistan has many articles that are in direct conflict with Charter of Medina and social values presented by Islam. The other unfortunate fact is that these articles are imposed on us by Islamist political parties. The constitution itself promotes division into many segments based on race, religion, sect, ethnicity and economic status.

The incidents of Parachinar, Quetta, and Bahawalpur will continue happening and compensation paid to the poor people while rich elites will continue ruling over us because it is mandated in the constitution of the country. The need is to have a complete overhaul and review of the constitution if we want to progress as a nation and establish a modern day Medina.

The constitutional overhaul is a long term project in the short term we should revoke the NOC of Gen Raheel if he made a personal choice to be employed by Saudi Military Alliance; holistic overview of Parachinar & Bahawalpur incidents to punish culprits & prvent future acts; fast track mainstreaming of FATA: and State prosecution of MPA running over a uniformed law enforcement officer on duty.

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