Petition filed with ECP regarding unconstitutional IPE of PTI: Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Courts have labeled Nawaz Sharif as head of a Sicilian Mafia while Asif Ali Zardari is globally known as Mr. Ten percent. Imran Khan is now compared with Donald Trump. He can make an outlandish statement but his cultish followers would always find wisdom in it. The situation in other parties is not much different. In other words, all parties are controlled by civilian dictators that consider themselves beyond law rather consider themselves the law. I am not suggesting that leadership is not needed or that hierarchies don’t exist. But these civilian dictators don’t ever leave their positions and when they leave they hand it over to their sons and daughters rather than allow sons of the nation to have an opportunity to lead.

The nation has already decided that it will not accept the rule of a military dictator. The next phase in this political evolution is to get rid of civilian dictators and allow the emergence of political parties as institutions that are not Sicilian Mafias. This evolution has to be led by political activists rather than spoon fed by a military establishment.

As a member of PTI, my responsibility is towards it and to strive to make it an institution. It is with this aim I filed a petition with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The prayer in the petition is that intra-party election are held in violation of party constitution. The prayer is submitted based on the laws relating to The Election Commission Order, 2002, Political Parties Order, 2002, and party constitution of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that is on record with ECP.

Few weeks before 2013 general elections I made a promise to the party member that we will do our best effort to build tanzeem of the party as an institution. Here is an evidence of that promise:a

In last four years, I have tried my best to keep that promise. We have also promised you repeatedly that illegitimate and unconstitutional office holders will not be issuing party tickets. But this objective cannot be achieved unless and until all of you stand up for principles, rule of law, and merit. Only collective political activism can help us liberate PTI from the clutches qabza group. This is also our political test. If we can’t liberate our party from mafias then we are not capable of liberating the country from them too. of

Please continue raising your voice about the building of proper
tanzeem of the party. Continue identifying and developing candidates for next general elections. Inshallah tickets will be awarded to those that deserve it based on merit, capability and represent party ideology.

Pakistan cannot be built into a stronger nation until its politics is fixed. Politics cant be fixed until political parties are fixed. Political parties should become platforms for capable people to engage in politics and play their role in building of a strong nation. This is our aim in PTI as well.

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