Peace cannot return to Afghanistan until foreign forces withdraw: Abdul Q Kundi

Former membe of PTI Chairman Adivsory Committee & Central Tarbiyati Council (CTC) Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued a statement on Afghan crisis:

I would like to condole with the families of all those that lost their lives in multiple Kabul terrorist attacks in last few days. Peace in Afghanistan cannot be achieved unless and until all foreign forces withdraw and allow full sovereignty to return. Not only that the presence of international forces is now causing regional instability. It is apparent that the American-brokered political system has failed and does not enjoy the mandate and confidence of Afghan people. The finger pointing of these proxies towards Pakistan is a desperate effort by them to create the false impression of legitimacy in the eyes of Afghan people and make their foreign masters happy. Pakistan has always stood with Afghan people in times of occupation and turmoil to help them regain their sovereignty and independence with dignity and pride.

The political system of Afghanistan is their internal matter and should be left to an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led process. But the security situation in the presence of foreign forces is a regional and international matter. This requires the involvement of all regional players especially those that have borders with it. The spillover effect of deteriorating Afghan security situation can’t be ignored by anyone.

Pakistan should reach out to Russia, China and Iran to speed up the already existing regional security dialogue with Afghans. Continued unrest in Afghanistan could be detrimental to trillion dollar vision of Chinese President Xi Jinping to connect East Asia to Central Asia, Middle East, and Europe through the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). To enable this important economic vision to materialize it is important that Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) takes a lead role in matters of regional security. UN Security Council (UNSC) should also review whether the presence of international forces is in line with the sovereignty guaranteed to each member state in the UN Charter. NATO and American forces have failed to live up to the assigned task of helping Afghan government to discharge her responsibility to protect and are a source of unrest rather than stability and security.

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