NS, AAZ and IK are guardians and protectors of political corruption: Abdul Q Kundi

As the political circus around Panama Papers investigation continue one thing is clear that all three top politicians Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari and Imran Khan are guardians and protectors of political corruption. Nawaz Sharif despite publicly acknowledging corruption in public sector did not take any action about payment of billions in circular debt without proper audit and is now getting ready to pay more of it. He also does not bother when the cost of public sector projects increase many folds during implementation. Asif Ali Zardari is the guardian of political corruption and does not see anything wrong when 1000s acres of Sind government land is given to his favorite builder or when Sind rural development fund is given to just one person that has allegedly business relationship with him.

Imran Khan is the new king of Sicilian political Mafia as he welcomes corrupt of other parties with open arms and a broad smile. He conveniently argues that any corruption in the past is not his concern. In one interview he also confessed that his dry cleaning factory is not big enough to clean Asif Ali Zardari but can clean other PPP members. He intentionally sabotaged the KP Ehtisab Commission to save his CM and other cabinet members from facing cases of corruption. I have already mentioned that Imran Khan general election strategy is that only he is clean while the whole nation is corrupt and he cannot find 900 honest capable people to contest election with him. This God Complex of Imran Khan is really hard to cure.

Imran Khan preference for lotas of other parties resulted in a backlash from party members when his PTI – L (lotas) lost hugely against PTI. 93% of PTI members rejected the fraud election and only 7% (most of them employees of IK investors) cast their vote for PTI-L. The same fate will befall him in next general elections. PTI party elections also made it clear that Imran Khan and PTI are two separate entities. PTI is now charting its own course.

If NS, AAZ and IK claim that their governments are clean then they should allow a forensic audit of their government for last 9 years.

Finally, the military establishment should know that justice is not selective and a soldier pledges to uphold the law and fight for justice. The military should ask its former chief to come back to the country and face the courts in all cases. He should also apologize to the nation for signing an NRO that reimposed corrupt politicians on us as well as creating a king’s party PML Q that provided platform to corrupt politicians.

We can’t contain corruption until and unless a holistic approach towards it is taken. Political parties should be converted into platforms to attract leadership talent from all segments of society. Laws should be amended to make it easy to catch and punish white collar crimes through speedy trials. Bureaucrat appointments should be based on merit rather than political meddling. And finally, there should be more transparency and information sharing about mega projects in public sector. None of three top leaders are interested in these reforms as they are guardians and protectors of corruption.

About the author: Abdul Quayyum Khan Kund is a member of PTI and former member of PTI Chaimran Advisory Committee & Central Tarbiyati COuncil. He has authored three books. Views expressed are his own and we may not agree with it.

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