JIT is working on FIR, next will be trial court in Panama case: Abdul Q Kundi

Following is a press statement issued by former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee & Central Tarbiyati Council:

In its Panama verdict Supreme Court had made two things clear:

1. There is need for more investigation to find truth about corruption in Panama papers &

2. The judicial hierarchy can’t be broken to ensure just and fair trial as mandated by the constitution of Pakistan. Supreme Court also highlighted that they are a constitutional court rather than a trial court. They are a court of last resort so it will be unjust for them to issue a verdict that has no right of appeal.

Supreme Court also mentioned in the verdict that their mandate is to ensure constitutional rights of all citizens are protected without regard to their political or financial stature and that state institutions have to ensure it. They also complained that state institutions did not discharge their responsibility hence they have to supervise it themselves considering the political influence of the people involved both on petitioner and defendant sides.

So on July 10th when JIT finish their FIR and submit it to Supreme Court then the next step based on Panama Verdict would be conducting a trial. Supreme Court may supervise the trial court and give them a deadline to finish it just like they gave a deadline to JIT. This may mean nation has to wait for another 60 days.

This is my own view after reading Panama Verdict and not intended to question the wisdom and expertise of Supreme Court Judges if they chose a different path based on the constitution and the law.

In the end, I would like to congratulate majority of print media participants for fair, unbiased and factual reporting while electronic media as expected ran their own political circus to make some quick advertising money at the cost of confusing the nation further. Electronic media around the world has become a propaganda tool using sound and picture as a messaging tool. This has contributed towards creating a gulf between democracy and citizens by projecting showmen as politicians.

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