Arms sales to India, unilateral decision on Afghanistan & American bias in Kashmir will destabilize South Asia: Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee & Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued a statement on Trump-Modi summit and its impact on South Asia:

The sale of drones, shifting of F-16 fighter jets production to India and close cooperation in defense production, between USA & India, will create an imbalance in power that could lead to an arms race in South Asia. American announcement of labeling Kashmiri freedom fighters as a specially designated terrorist will result in losing its position as a neutral arbiter. Involving India in Afghanistan with which it has no border and sending 5000 additional troops unilaterally could further jeopardize the possibility of finding a political solution to the crisis.

United States should bring its review of an Afghan process to the platform of Quadrilateral Consultation Group (QCG) rather than unilaterally deciding to send additional troops to Afghanistan. The presence of foreign forces is one of the main reason for the crisis as a large segment of Afghan society consider it an occupation. Even US experts have questioned the effectiveness of increasing the troop numbers without a plan for a political solution. Similarly changing the long-standing position of supporting UN resolution on Kashmir to supporting one of the party India will create a precedence that could be exploited by other nations. Undermining UN as a multilateral platform will give rise to the concept of might is right which could completely alter the existing global order based on rule of law.

Pakistan has made considerable sacrifices in the war on terror which is recognized by major world powers. Operation Zarb e Azb earlier and Rad ul Fasad now have destroyed terrorist sanctuaries in FATA and resulted in a considerable decline in terrorist incidents in Pakistan. Pakistan has already declared that its territory will not be allowed to be used by any foreign militants to interfere in other nations. On the other hand, India has emerged as a state sponsor of separatism, terrorism, and oppression of people in occupied territories. Deepening crisis in Afghanistan has an impact on Pakistan’s own social and economic progress. Finding a viable solution to Afghan security and stability crisis is an important regional issue for Pakistan.

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