PML N planning to spend Rs 252 billion of public money for their election – opposition sleeping

Following are my public comments on PML N election year budget:

The budget prepared by PML N government for election year has earmarked Rs. 252 billion to be spent on development schemes to ensure they win in next general elections. Out of this Rs. 30 billion will be spent in consultations with MNAs in their constituency to prepare public support for their election win. In other words, PML N will be spending hard-earned money of the nation for their political purpose. PTI and PPP instead of raising their voice are keeping quiet. Why? Because they will be preparing budgets of KP and Sind provinces respectively to ensure their own control of these provinces. PPP has presented a shadow budget but what is the purpose of it when they are not giving tough time to PML N on their development budget. This is a big pre-poll rigging but ECP is not concerned about it.

These three political parties have failed to use public money effectively because the parties are controlled by civilian dictators and their cronies. They are milking the nation for the continuation of their personal power. This has to change if we want democracy to deliver good governance to the people. Today a grade 14 employee of Ministry of Interior decided to commit suicide so that his son can get employment. The people are becoming poorer but rulers are getting richer. This is the key social ill that has to be addressed.

What Next?

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