Dawn leaks should not be made into a ghairat contest between institutions: Abdul Q Kundi

It seems everything in Pakistan turns into a soap opera and high stakes drama. It is an indication that incapable people are running institutions. It also indicates that the institutions consider it a weakness to cede space to other constitutional institutions. Leaks are damaging for the state institutions and create distrust. Pakistan is not a well-managed country and we all know that. But even in highly organized countries of Europe and America leaks does happen. There are many examples and some are still under investigation. But our reaction to these leaks is all or nothing type poker game.

Dawn leaks are one of those events that can either become a positive event in our evolution or take us full circle from where we started. But it has to be investigated and those found of negligence punished. So far there has been punishment meted out to civilians which should be enough as a psychological barrier to prevent future leaks. It is unfortunate that many senior-level retired army officers are making it a ghairat contest between the head of the government and head of the military. Some anchors that have been repeatedly disappointed by the inability of the third umpire to raise its finger now believe this is their chance to get it done.

Civilian have to still learn a lot about running government efficiently and effectively. But the army has always prized itself for being an institution with systems, checks, and processes. The tweet from DG ISPR seems too reactive and too fast especially since the letter of the PM house has an item # 2 that suggest there is more to it. If civilians can pay the price for a leak then the Army has to also take some action against DG ISPR for using social media to voice anger rather than official communication channels.

PM Nawaz Sharif, despite his long experience of holding high office, acts in a haphazard manner. He has never given due consideration and respect to the parliament but the tweet from ISPR suggest the relations with the army is also at the breaking point. This is highly concerning and must be corrected immediately.

Pakistan may not have a martial law but it is a fact that Army and civilian are still struggling to find the right balance in their relations. It is a work in progress and must not be derailed. A derailment will be fatal for the country’s future. PTI and PPP should keep in mind that realpolitik does not mean using tensions between civ-mil for their parochial interests. Soldier’s are a pride of the nation not a political tool of the opposition.

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