How can CPEC Long term plan be finalized without debate in parliament? Abdul Q Kundi

Following is the press statement of Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi, former member of PTI Central Tarbiyati Council and Chairman Advisory Committee:

It seems Nawaz Sharif runs government like a private enterprise of Ittefaq foundries where a Seth can make all decisions that have a financial impact. The revelation of an existence of a CPEC long-term plan (LTP) without any debate or discussion in parliament is an indication that PML-N does not believe in democratic institutions. PTI and PPP are part of this muk mukka as their Chief Ministers are part of it. Both these so-called opposition parties also did not pressure the government to discuss CPEC LTP in the parliament. These politicians are committing the nation to a huge amount of debt without having a transparent and public debate on the pros and cons of the project. The debts incurred by these incapable politicians will be borne by many of our future generations.

Chinese are our friends and they have declared that they will not impose their system on someone else as well as interfere in affairs of another state. The responsibility of Chinese leaders is to safeguard the interest of their nation, not ours. It is not their demand that there should be no parliamentary debate but rather it is the failure of our own politicians to keep the nation in the dark.

We demand that the government must immediately release all information pertaining to CPEC including costs and benefits analysis and texts of the protocols signed. The government should also inform how will this impact our economic relations with other partners including EU, Middle East, and Central Asia to ensure there is not a monopoly of one nation on our economy. it is not in our interest to become a client state of one major power. We should refrain from becoming North Korea of South Asia. How would CPEC impact our local industry and what steps are taken to protect them as well as ensure opportunities for our labor and management talent? These are important questions to answer in an open debate.

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