Salaries are Pakistani and prices are American in PML N government: Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued following public statement about rising prices of food:

It seems the cost of living for people is rising faster than the increase in their income. The most disturbing trend is that when Pakistani prices for some essential items like fruits and milk converted into dollars then they are actually higher than even Europe and USA. It is because of this high prices that consumption of these nutrients is in decline in Pakistan resulting in unhealthy people that translate into economic costs in the form of lost productivity and declining efficiency as well as increased health care costs for poor families.
Finance Minister Dar sb has to understand that it is not rocket science to work out cost of living. If he is himself unaware of the prices then he can send mystery shoppers in all four provinces and find out prices of essential items. He can then work out whether it is possible to have a sustained living within the average per capita income. If not then he has to do something about it but it seems the focus of PML-N government is to please business elites. They are always quick to pay hundreds of billions in circular debt without even waiting for proper auditing of invoices.
The price of oil has declined by over 3 dollars per barrel in last two weeks but still, there has been no relief given to people in this regard.
These elite friendly and poor unfriendly policies of PML-N government can only be addressed by expressing anger at the ballot box in the next general elections. We will inshallah develop a manifesto that resonates with people and addresses key economic, social and security issues.

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