PTI can’t win 2018 general elections if party tickets are sold like 2013: Abdul Q Kundi

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has already lost a lot of public support because of wrong political decisions made since 2013 general elections. The party has failed to offer good opposition on many policies and usually supports PML-N position. Unconditional support for military courts is one such example. The last nail to fatally wound the party will be cast if 2018 general election tickets were sold to highest bidders just like it happened in 2013. There is substantial evidence that tickets will be awarded to rich candidates that are close to party Chairman Imran Khan and his old guard friends.

Chairman Imran Khan has assured party members that he will personally guarantee that merit prevails but he has always failed to uphold that promise. After 2013 general elections tickets were awarded to rich patrons for Senate and even after 3 years no one in the party knows names of these party senators. A similar thing happened in the award of tickets for Nazim elections and almost all of them are brothers or relatives of MNAs and MPAs. Then when unconstitutional Central and Core Committees were announced once again yes man and cronies were given precedence. In other words, violation of merit has become a culture of the party and there is no confidence among party members that Chairman or those close to him have the capability to uphold merit.

I personally experienced the violation of merit because I did apply for a ticket for both National Assembly and Senate. I was on top of the list for NA ticket and alhamdullilah got most endorsements for Senate ticket as well from party members. But Chairman Imran Khan and his fake parliamentary board had already decided tickets were to be given to investors. I am not alone there are 100s of such examples. Some are telling Chairman Imran Khan that my critique of party policies is because of being sore about denial of ticket. My response is always that I did not join an NGO or a social organization where I keep working for the party without expectations of gaining political power. It was my responsibility to apply for the ticket and party responsibility was to uphold merit and due process. They did not adhere to their side of the bargain to uphold merit as Chairman has himself accepted publicly. They have sold the party to rich people and if this continued in 2018 then the result is already on the wall. I will inshallah contest 2018 general elections from NA-240 (Karachi II) or NA-241 (Karachi III) after consulting with my friends and advisors. The signs are always there that no merit will be exercised in the award of tickets as friends and investors of IK have already made promises to people. A sham process will be conducted to create an impression of it.

PTI, as of today, is not prepared to win in next general elections because there is no party tanzeem; process to identify capable candidates, and has lost public trust that is critical to secure majority mandate. All these issues have to be resolved if the party wants to win. Party has already suffered a lot by repeatedly ignoring our advice on these organizational and political matters.

I would request all of you interested in contesting in 2018 general elections to focus on your constituency and we will decide during the second half of this year what should be our strategy for contesting. If PTI does not uphold merit then we have to create other options.

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