PTI acting as student wing of PML-N by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued a public statement about the dismal performance of PTI in the parliament:

Selfie loving non-politicians occupy most unconstitutional notified and elected positions in PTI which is evident from their immature attitude towards policy debate. Lahoris love their city and have a happy go lucky attitude towards life. Celebrating basant and hosting PSL 2 final is part of Lahori lifestyle. They can’t be bullied or pressured to give up their heritage. They love their city just like Parisian love theirs. CM Shahbaz Sharif and Imran Khan both misunderstood Lahori resolve to enjoy their life to the fullest by opposing basant and PSL 2 final respectively.
PTI so far has been playing second fiddle to PML-N government rather than offer good opposition on key policy matters. PTI accepted military courts bill of PML-N without offering much resistance and did not demand reforms in the judicial system in return for their support. We will not accept military courts without forming a parliamentary committee to reform Pakistan Penal Code and Pakistan Code of Civil Procedures. In electoral reforms, PTI has accepted government-drafted bill by suggesting minor syntax changes in it. They have failed to come up with far-reaching ideas that introduce structural changes in the democratic system. We have sent our structural reforms proposals to Chairman of the sub-committee Zahid Hamid and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Ishaq Dar as well as other members of the committee. In FATA reforms also PTI just accepted PML-N position rather went an extra mile to support it. Same is the situation in all other policies whether it is foreign, economic, agriculture or labor policy. In other words, PTI is acting more like student wing of PML-N rather than a mature opposition that ensures delivery of democratic dividends to the people. It is because of the lack of depth and capability in PTI ranks as most occupants earned it through nepotism and cronyism rather than merit and capability. Chairman Imran Khan opposition of Sharif family can’t be equated with PTI offering opposition to the government of PML-N.
PTI can’t expect to win majority mandate in next general elections until and unless it shows the ability to walk the talk in terms of fighting corruption, honoring merit, and introducing structural reforms.

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