Parliamentarians accept their incompetence to govern: Abdul Q Kundi

Parliamentarians once again accepted their incompetence by quickly approving a bill to hand over the responsibility of trying terrorists in military courts. If the military is so efficient in handling cases of terrorism why not give them also the responsibility of trying influential people whose names appear in Panama papers as well as running National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Elected civilians have so far happily given control of foreign policy, security policy, terrorism policy, anti-terrorist courts, running efficient housing schemes, management of profitable public industrial enterprises, ensure credible census, and working as police to the military. What is left in their hands? Just empty titles and opening ceremonies of roads that are built by Frontier Works Organization (another enterprise run by the military). They seem to be just happy to enjoy perks of offices while all the work is done by the military.

Parliamentarians could have at least hidden their shame of incompetence by appointing a parliamentary committee to review Pakistan Penal Code and Pakistan Code of Civil Procedures.

Military for its part is happy to expand its influence without giving any consideration to the long-term effects it could have on the weakening of civilian institutions and their own efficiency to secure borders. Military leaders keep forgetting that without strong civilian institutions no nation can remain viable for long.

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