Pakistan should push for a UN charter on Freedom of Expression: Abdul Q Kundi

Former member of PTI Chairman Advisory Committee and Central Tarbiyati Council Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi issued following press statement about imposing ban on social media:

It seems Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan instead of focusing on his own job has also assumed the role of a foreign minister to seek international support to ban social media. For that purpose, he invited envoys of Muslim majority countries that are mostly representing autocratic regimes. It suits them to ban social media rather than find a solution that allow freedom of genuine speech. So it is not a surprise that most of them assured their support to Mr. Nisar Ali Khan. I have been a strong opponent of hate speech in all its forms and manifestations including social media posts that use derogatory language against the faith of people. But banning social media is not the solution and there seem to be political motives to gag speech behind the facade of concern for protecting the icons of faith.
In April 2014 I had proposed that an international charter of freedom of expression should be developed from the platform of UN in an op-ed piece published in Pakistan Today. Pakistan should lead the effort of pushing for this international charter on freedom of expression especially the use of social media. We will find a lot of supporters for it because almost every nation is affected by the fake news, hate speech and anarchist ideology promoted through social media. PM Nawaz, who has decided to keep the portfolio of foreign minister for himself, has to personally lead this effort rather than relegate it to his second-tier leadership. Ad-hoc decision of ban on social media will damage international standing of Pakistan and should be avoided. A more holistic and inclusive approach will improve Pakistan’s standing internationally.

Here are links to the article published in Pakistan Today on this subject in April 2014:

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