Sham party elections of PML N by Abdul Q. Kundi

Today yet again it was confirmed that there is only one capable person in PML-N which is Nawaz Sharif. This feat was achieved through the phony intra-party elections of PML N. Since he is the only capable person no one dared to even submit their nomination papers to challenge him for the position of party President. If the story ended there and a genuine contest on other party positions was held then there would still be some expectations of a democracy in the party. But Nawaz Sharif can’t allow a capable person to emerge to challenge control of his family on the party so all other top positions were also filled with his cronies without contest. In other words, the coronation of Nawaz Sharif and his nauratan was completed without providing any opportunity to party members to elect their party leaders. It is despite the fact that only 1600 voters were qualified to vote out of over 9 million people who voted for the party in 2013 general elections. It is an interesting scenario that monarchy of PML-N has just 1600 activists. This farce and joke have been going on in this nation for last 67 years where all political parties are basically cults of personalities.

Nawaz Sharif in his address after coronation informed the selected audience that they are the asset of the party while the real assets of billions are only for his sons and daughter. The nation gets poorer while his family gets richer. This opium is used to inflate egos of the people while retaining power in the family is the reason this country is not progressing. Politics is suffocated by elites of the country who control it like an octopus.

As expected Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will look the other way and accept this shame intra-party election as valid. There will be no investigation if the genuine mandate of party members was ensured or not. There will be no assurance that party constitution was followed for conducting elections or not. There will be no demands to impose a term limit on political parties as postulated in the constitution of the country. If a person cannot become Prime Minister for more than two terms then why is it that a person retains control of a political party forever especially since parties can’t award tickets to anyone that does not qualify for elected office based on the constitution of the country. Today first stage of election rigging has happened to deprive this nation of true democracy.
This undemocratic practice is the real reason we have monarchs and warlords rather than politicians. The country will continue reeling under bad governance, social unrest, and economic decline until and unless real democracy is introduced. And the first place to introduce it is in political parties.

What Next?

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