Crooked Hillary and Chor Nawaz Sharif by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

In Raiwand yesterday IK made a speech that can be classified as an election campaign speech rather than an agitation for accountability movement. If we had a presidential form of government it would be very interesting to watch a contest between Ik and Nawaz Sharif. But unfortunately we have a parliamentary system. To me it seems IK strategy is to reduce next election to be a contest between two individuals. IK will say Nawaz Chor hai and Nawaz will say IK taraqi ki rah main dewar hai.

I also noticed a lot of similarity in the political styles of IK and Donald Trump. I am presenting these for your consideration: 

  • Trump says crooked Hillary and Ik says Chor Nawaz Sharif. Trump has campaign organizers that were found to get funding from Russian supporter of Ukraine while Ik has nominated people who are themselves benefited from political offices. 

  • Both thrive on controversyTrump does not worry about the facts and will say anything that gets media attention. IK will also use information that is hard to verify but makes headlines35 punctures is one example 

  • Both are light on policy and does not concern too much about it. In his 75 min speech IK did not provide any plans or policy that could benefit the  people. 

  • Both are excellent marketers to promote their names as a brand. Trump thrives on free publicity and spent only 5 million dollars on media to win a primary. It is the lowest amount spent by any candidate since 1960s. IK also hypes an event to get free media like his repeated statements that Raiwand will be historic crowd which did not materialize but he got abundance of free publicity 

  • Trump says oye Mexico pay for the wall. IK says oye Modi kharbadar main Nawaz Sharif Nahi  hoon. I don’t really know what does that really mean in terms of foreign policy 

  • Trump says Washington establishment is working against him. IK says all government organizations are not providing him justice.  

  • Both have no needs for party structures and rely on a group of friends and investors. Trump has no organization on the ground to win Presidential election. He has only 50 offices cross USA while Hillary Clinton has presence all across USA. IK has no tanzeem and relying on sugar tycoons to deliver him a win. 

  • Both of them dislike dissent. Trump ordered people who raised their voice to be thrown out while IK told anyone that disagrees with him to leave the party 

  • Both have labeled media to be biased against them. Trump ordered a Spanish journalist to be thrown out while IK recently called media bought by lifafa 

  • Both of them hate to read from a written speech and rely on extempore style 

  • Both of them started as entertainers and gained large following before entering the political arena.  

  • Trump ran for President in 1988 but did not gain much traction. IK entry in politics was hyped in 1997 as a celebrity but did not make impact for a long time 

  • Even their personal lives were quite similar. Their fathers were builders. Both were active on social scene of New York and London having their names associated with leading ladies of the city. 

 I am not suggesting being celebrity is a bad thing. It can be actually used to do good deeds like Ik did in the form of SKMH and NAMAL. But the question is whether being celebrity is enough to win elections. As a student of politics I am closing watching whether Trump can win based on the power of his celebrity appeal. 

It is also interesting to see the approach of Republican Party whose nomination Trump got. They first tried to work with Trump and contain his impulse by adding experienced party mentors in his team. But that did not work so now they have completely abandoned his campaign and focusing more on congress and governor election campaigns. In other words Trump is really just a Republican candidate in name only. He is more an independent candidate. 

We should have the similar worry. As I informed you earlier the plan is that IK will provide the hype or the wave while baqiat of PML Q will provide money and candidates. Saleem Safi reported that JKT provided 35 million and AK 15 million for Raiwand jalsa. They are investors and do not spend money without a good return. 

The question we should ask ourselves where is PTI in all this. Should we allow status quo to kill the party and use IK for their own agendas. Or should we strive to achieve PTI+Ik formula that I presented earlier. We cant let PML Q kill the movement and I assure you JKT and his cronies cant win elections. They will infact make PML N even more strong which has been the case so far since they took hold of Bani Gala. So be prepared to take the party back in our hands inshallah soon.

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