Failure of SAARC is failure of India by Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi

Indian efforts to sabotage SAARC Summit scheduled for Nov 2016 is divergent with their own declared goals of regional peace, stability and prosperity. It is also detrimental to PM Modi’s plan to uplift Indian economy and alleviate poverty. In other words India is damaging its own interests in its desire to strike at Pakistan. SAARC was supposed to be a platform to project India as a country that links the region rather than divide it. Failure of SAARC in other words is failure of India just like failure of SCO will be considered failure of China as a dominant country.

Pakistan must continue reaching out to all her neighbors and members of SAARC to explain its principled position on Kashmir; human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir; implementation of UN resolutions related to Kashmir conflict; respect for International law related to water sharing between upper and lower riparian countries; and importance of continued cooperation to achieve balance of power in the region. We must highlight the national resolve and sacrifices made to eradicate terrorism, extremism, separatism and fundamentalism.

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