Youme Azadi by Abdul Q Kundi

On 14th August 1947 we achieved geographic independence from the British Raj but the idea of Pakistan is still far from realization. Allama Iqbal told us that in Pakistan every citizen will attain khudi which is liberation from subjugation of thought to achieve dignity of existence. Quaid e Azam promised that the new country will be a modern day Medina practicing social justice, freedom of religion and freedom of expression. These two founding ideals of Pakistan are still a dream. Politicians are busy extracting from the poor to enrich the elite of the country. Bureaucrats are serving the rulers rather than the people. Police is protecting VIPS rather than the common citizen. Generals are acting like politicians rather than professional soldiers ready to lay their lives for a higher ideal. Judges and lawyers have failed to provide timely and affordable justice to common men while failed to punish elite for embezzlement of state resources. And citizens are waiting for a savior wearing a shining armor to lead them to a better tomorrow rather than taking action themselves.

Pakistanis have exhibited many qualities in last 69 years despite weak democracy, repeated military interventions and long wars in its neighborhoods. We have expressed unity, resilience and perseverance in dealing with natural calamities and almost daily incidents of terror. We have built an economy from almost nothing at the time of independence. But we have failed to organize our society to be an example for other Muslim majority countries. The soul of the nation is strong but the body is weak. The nation will not achieve its founding ideals unless and until every citizen is a leader in his/her own right exhibiting values of honesty, credibility, reliability, compassion and responsibility.

Today on this occasion of 69th Independence Day, we have to realize that it is about time we achieve real independence from all forms of oppression and join hands to form a prosperous, progressive and just Pakistan. Pakistan zindabad.

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