Terrorist attack in Baghdad by Abdul Q Kundi

The wave of terrorist attacks in Dhaka, Istanbul, Orlando, Kabul and now Baghdad should be an eye opener for world leaders and confirms that it is a global issue. West is mainly responsible for this mayhem because of their desire to impose war under false pretenses rather than allow peaceful political protests to bring change to societies. Western media keep suggesting the sect of those dead or alleged terrorists to fuel continued civil war rather than understand that terrorists are enemies of all humanity and have no religion. Today again Reuters did not hesitate to suggest who was Shai or Sunni in Iraqi bomb attack but no sect is mentioned when a Western terrorist kill people in a school. Radical right in the West suggest Muslim values are incompatible with European values in a way denouncing their Prophet Essa (PBUH) who was born in present day Palestine. The war will not end unless and until a global effort is made to counter terrorism; respect for sovereignty; allow peaceful political movements to change despotic regimes; and understanding differences in civilizations.

I strongly condemn terrorist attacks in Dhaka, Istanbul, Orlando, Baghdad, Kabul and anywhere else. I condole with the grieving families and appeal to world leaders to stop playing the great game for influence and think of humanity to find viable solution to the crisis. It may be an idealistic way to look at things but I believe we need some starry eyed idealism to keep the flickering flame of hope alive against strong winds of violence.

What Next?

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