Tale of two party conventions by Abdul Q Kundi

Chairman Imran Khan repeatedly makes reference to democracy in UK and USA. He also dreams that there will be a day that foreigners will come to Pakistan to seek jobs. It is a good dream and we all joined PTI with the hope that real democracy will be exercised in PTI rather than same old status quo politics of me, myself and my family.

There were two conventions held today. One in USA by Republican Party in a stadium in Cleveland Ohio and the other by Pakistan Tehrike Insaf (PTI) at Marriott Hotel Islamabad. Let’s see the difference:

  1. The Republican Party invited all delegates that were elected regardless whether they agreed or disagreed with the leadership of the party. In PTI only those were invited that assured no voice will be raised against violation of party constitution to facilitate failed status quo politicians JKT and SMQ/Saif. Even then only 5 to 10% of the invitees came as they are totally disappointed with party and do not support unconstitutional and illegitimate parachute title holders.
  2. In Republican Party convention there was repeated references to party rules and constitution. In PTI convention there was no reference made about party constitution, capability or principles. Chairman tried his best effort to justify violation of party constitution using cover of doctrine of necessity. Threats were issued to those that demand a legitimate tanzeem built through party constitution.
  3. In Republican Party convention people were allowed to rise up and lodge their protest against party policy. In PTI convention threats were issued that if anyone raised a voice he will be dealt with an Iron fist. In other words the meeting was announcement of martial law.
  4. In Republican Party convention cameras and media was allowed to record everything and share it with party members and the nation. In PTI convention media was barred from entering and no one was allowed to report the proceedings back to party members. Fascism is on the rise in PTI.
  5. Republican Party convention was an example of democracy inside the party. PTI convention was an example of autocratic tendency of my way or highway.
  6. Republican Party convention assured their nation that democracy is still alive and kicking despite some setbacks in quality of leadership. PTI convention was an example that democracy is in danger because there is no democracy in the political parties and incapable people are able to manipulate situation to grab titles just like they grab lands from poor.

Outside the hall Chairman announced nationwide protest against corruption of Nawaz Sharif but refused to stop corruption inside PTI where titles are given in breach of party constitution. He asked poor and middle class members of the party to contribute Rs. 100 for jalsas but did not explain why party meeting was held in an expensive hotel which is out of reach of poor and middle class.

PTI of today’s convention does not represent either the party or the country. It is an elite club of those that have sucked this country dry in last 68 years. We have to liberate our party from the clutches of these elite and return it to the people of Pakistan so that it can bring real change.

What Next?

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