PTI gang of 7 back in action by Abdul Q Kundi

It is confirmed again that gang of 7 is totally against building PTI an institution. Three of them have already notified themselves to their old positions through illegitimate and unconstitutional notices. These are Jahangir Khan Tareen (JKT), Shah Mehmood Qureshi (SMQ) and Saifullah Niazi. I told you again and again that there is muk mukka between JKT group and SMQ/Saif group to ensure that IPE fails because they don’t have support in the party. It is only a matter of time that the rest of the four members of gang 7 also gets notified through same unconstitutional and illegitimate notices. In other words another attempt by PTI-Q to control PTI.

PTI-Q has lost general elections of 2013, local government elections and almost all by-elections. They have consumed all the political capital of Chairman and he has nothing left in his pocket.

Sardar Azhar Tariq has already accepted that the notifications issued to reappoint these people is through Article X (B) (e) which confirms that these are unconstitutional appointments. I once again request PTI Central Disciplinary Committee to take serious note of these breach of discipline although from their gag order it seems they are not an independent entity.

There will be some in the party that will celebrate these unconstitutional appointments and distribute sweets in the hope that they will get some title as well. Same thing happens when a general takes over as a savior of the nation but it is the majority of party members that have refused to accept rule of dictatorship. JKT, SMQ and Saif only know one thing which is how to control Imran Khan and they milk him to the maximum for their personal benefits. But party is the net loser which all of you have seen repeatedly whether it is dharna, JC and now TOR. These unconstitutional acts will further divide the party and the blame squarely lies on Chairman Imran Khan who has failed to develop a consensus in the party.

PTI-Q can’t win in 2018. In the whole world people are demanding new politics while Imran Khan has decided to offer more of the same. The only winning formula is PTI+IK. Be prepared inshallah we will once again defeat the designs of PTI-Q as we did it before.

What Next?

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