Medina terrorism and a sad Eid by Abdul Q Kundi

I condemn the terrorist attacks in Medina and its surrounding areas. This is yet another effort by the terrorists to create a Shia-Sunni divide to damage Muslim Ummah. The attackers killed both Shia and Sunni thereby revealing the designs of their masterminds whose target is the whole Ummah. An attack on Medina is an attack on the whole Muslim Ummah as it is the final resting place of the Prophet (PBUH).

We request government of Pakistan to order the flag at half-mast on Eid day to show solidarity with families of those that died in terrorist attacks during the holy month of Ramzan. This Ramzan was one of the deadliest in living memory and highlights the depth of the issues faced by the Ummah. There is a crisis not just of fundamentalism but also distortion of the message of Islam and the values promoted by it that seeks to establish a just society.

All analysts agree including myself that a new Sykes-Picot agreement is being enforced to redraw borders of Muslim countries. This time it is planned by USA and Russia. Last agreement created ethnic tensions while the new agreement is aimed to create sectarian conflicts that could last for the century severely damaging the Ummah. Iran and Saudi Arabia instead of uniting the Ummah has been promoting their narrow sectarian objectives of Shiasm and Sunnism respectively. They are promoters of divisions rather than help bridge the differences.

Immediately after Eid a special meeting of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) should be called to find solution to global terrorism as it has mostly affected Muslim majority countries. OIC over the years have lost its ability to act. It is important that this important platform is reformed to function as a bridge between Muslim Ummah to fight terrorism, fundamentalism as well as bring us together as trade and cultural partners. OIC should not become hostage to interests of any one nation as was expressed in the last communique issued after a summit in Turkey. It should be a platform for unity and look at the larger interests of all Muslims around the world.

I will not be sending Eid Mubarak message this year to share the grief of the families who lost loved ones.

What Next?

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