Mazboot Umeedwar of Jahangir Tareen and Shah Mehmood lost again by Abdul Q Kundi

Results are still being announced for AJK elections. But it is quite clear that the strategy of JKT and SMQ/Saif of giving tickets to mazboot umeedwar has failed yet again. Even their mazboot tareen umeedwar Barrister Sultan lost his election. Now JKT and SMQ both will try to hide behind the lame excuse that it is 1st time PTI participated in AJK elections. But both Barrister Sultan and their mazboot umeedwar have been contesting elections for generations. Barrister Sultan is also former CM of AJK so they can’t hide behind lame excuses. Our view is that PTI lost elections because of these mazboot ummedwar given tickets by JKT and SMQ/Saif. They have no knowledge of how elections are won at a national level.

The bottom line is that the strategy of mazboot umeedwar, horses and lottas has failed repeatedly. JKT and his team was also incharge of Gilgit-Baltistan elections with their mazboot umeedwar and they lost that elections too. Okara was a mazboot umeedwar of SMQ and he came fourth. LG and by-elections all lost to by these mazboot umeedwar even from the hands of independents. There is a long list of mazboot umeedwar losing elections in NA-1, NA-19, NA-71, etc. etc. JKT has zero political acumen it has been proven time and again. SMQ only has knowledge of South Punjab where we also lost elections but he can win with a good ideological team.

Notification of AJK parliamentary board is available on web site which is stacked by JKT and SMQ cronies and they should now answer based on what criteria they decided that our candidates are mazboot. What merit was used to award tickets apart from being a horse or a lotta? We would also like to know on what bases people were appointed to the parliamentary board of AJK? Both JKT and SMQ did not held any position in the party in Feb 2016 but they were still made party of AJK elections. Here is JKT fb post about mazboot umeedwar in AJK:


Chairman Imran Khan likes to win elections. So here is my suggestion to Chairman. Wake up. JKT and SMQ both knew the results of AJK elections will expose their incapability so they planned a fake party convention on July 20th to legitimize their titles of Sec Gen and Vice Chairman. Inshallah in few days I will send you a plan to prepare for 2018 general elections. The tickets for 2018 general elections will be only given on basis of merit and not to JKT/SMQ bazmoot umeedwar that are actually very weak candidates.

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