Fake PTI Convention to legitimize JKT and SMQ/Saif by Abdul Q Kundi

As you all know a fake PTI convention is planned to be held in Islamabad on July 20th. Before I talk about the convention it is important to clarify that both JKT and SMQ can play a role in the party. But that role has to be based on their capability rather than titles bought through writing a check or number of mureeds a person has. PTI belongs to people of Pakistan and its members decide how party should be run which is based on party constitution.

Now let’s see why PTI fake convention is organized and what its purpose is and who is invited to it. After JKT and SMQ/Saif secured unconstitutional and illegitimate titles using an autograph of the chairman they were expecting to move quickly and install their cronies on all key positions. But as usual they got a lot of resistance from even their own friends who told them this will not work. When we started highlighting the political failures of JKT and SMQ their support further eroded. Failure of JKT Sialkot jalsa was first public indication they have no support in the party. So as usual both JKT and SMQ ran to Bani Gala to save themselves and asked that IK does something to provide their titles legitimacy. It was then that the convention was planned.

But the problem is that if they invite all party members to a convention then again they were worried that there may be a protest and things can get out of their hands. The solution they found was to discretely announce it by sending invitations to only a handful of people that they were sure will not say anything as many of the invitees are expecting parachute titles for themselves. Rubber stamp PTI Election commission is as usual quiet and did not raise any voice that invitation should have been sent to all members that registered recently for IPE. In other words this convention has no official status and any decision taken has no constitutional binding on party members. It is an unofficial gathering of party members without any legitimate right to make decisions.

I always wonder why JKT and SMQ chose Marriott for party meetings where a cup of tea cost Rs. 500 which is two days income of a poor labor. It is to send a message that poor and middle class members of the party should stay away from it as only those with private jets and Prados now control the party. Poor and middle class can contribute by becoming sacrificial animals for dharnas, jalsas and rallies. They should not dream of running this country.

I just want to convey to IK that if he wants to win in 2018 general elections then the party has to return to its roots and a legitimate tanzeem has to be installed. We understand IK majboori but we don’t intent to give up on our party and will inshallah liberate it from clutches of status quo very soon.

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