Failed Jahangir Khan Tareen Jalsa in Sialkot by Abdul Q Kundi

Sialkot is a progressive city and an industrial business hub. When I was President of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce-USA I had an opportunity to meet with Sialkot Chamber leaders many times and always found them to be much ahead of other cities in their thinking and vision. Sialkot alone could generate over 50 billion dollars of export earnings if we are manage to offer them support through good economic policies. Sialkot is one of those places where PTI should be able to gain majority mandate of the people but unfortunately today’s Sialkot jalsa showed we have lost their trust and support.

Jahangir Khan Tareen and his team Usman Dar and Umar Dar have failed to gather even 1000 people to listen to Chairman Imran Khan. Pasror was even worst hardly 200 to 250 people were there when chairman spoke. You can see the disappointment on the face of the chairman when he spoke to the people. This failed jalsa in Sialkot has proven beyond doubt that unconstitutional and illegitimate Sec Gen JKT does not have the capability to win the general elections in 2018. People are not willing to trust status quo politicians that have gathered around IK.

So be prepared we have to liberate our party from these failed politicians and prepare it to win in 2018 general elections. Inshallah I will call our district teams to start preparing for our movement on the ground.

What Next?

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