Eye opening comments by Nasim Zehra and Mazhar Abbas on PTI by Abdul Q Kundi

Recently two respected and creditable journalists Nasim Zehra and Mazhar Abbas commented on PTI. Nasim Zehra says she left PTI because there was no adherence to merit, ideology or rule of law in other words no new politics rather same old status quo. Mazhar Abbas made some very interesting comments which are as follows:

  1. He said that during an interview Imran Khan told him that he has never read party constitution. This makes it clear why unconstitutional appointments are made by him most recently of Secretary General and Vice Chairman. Sardar Azhar Tariq also accepted appointment of Sec Gen and Vice Chairman is unconstitutional.
  2. He said that PTI is now dormant and what we see around IK is the amalgamation of PPP and PML Q. In other words PTI-Q.
  3. He mentioned that IK failed repeatedly to establish democracy in the party and basically it is a dictatorship of one man just like in PML N, PPP, MQM, JUI F, ANP and all other parties.
  4. He said that PTI started by challenging status quo but has now joined the status quo.
  5. He said that IK offered a lame excuse of Panama papers to cancel intra-party elections (IPE).

The comments from Mazhar Abbas and Nasim Zehra should be an eye opener for all of us. The appointment of JKT and SMQ is unconstitutional but even if it was constitutional these two have made so many political errors that it is hard to count. SMQ lost his position as foreign minister because he was not performing well and was replaced by a much younger Hina Rabbani Khar. I want to ask you if JKT and SMQ are qualified for their national positions how many elections they have won for the party in last three years. SMQ campaigned for Ashraf Sohna everyday and the result was that he was in fourth place. If they claim that they did not made these political errors but it was Chairman then why have they accepted positions from a Chairman that does not listen to them? The reality is that they have themselves made these political errors.

The wave for PTI was created in 2013 because writers and editors supported the party. How will JKT and SMQ create a wave when they keep embarrassing the party every day because of their immature politics? When we highlight their political failure they run away to Bani Gala as kids and complain to Chairman who in turn tells Central Disciplinary Committee (CDC) to issue gag order. Can u imagine these immature Sec Gen and Vice Chairman sitting across table and negotiating with USA, Russia and China? I don’t think so. They will sell the country to save their sugar mills and farms because all they know is how to run a sugar mill.

Here is the link to the program. See for yourself if you still don’t believe me (Nasim Zehra in beginning of program, Mazhar Abbas from Min 36):


So be prepared reject these failed politicians and reclaim our party from them. If we can’t liberate our party then we can’t liberate our country from them too. I have sent you a roadmap for building PTI tanzeem inshallah we will work on it.

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