Asad Umar neither here nor there by Abdul Q Kundi

If someone asks me to explain politics of Asad Umar in one sentence. I would say he is neither here nor there. When he joined PTI all of us had a lot of hope that he will stand with principles and ideology but evidence of last three years is to the contrary. He is an integral member of gang of 7 that made all fatalistic political decisions of last three years that has severely damaged PTI.

Today Asad Umar published a blog piece on his web site titled Ideology and Power politics. I was curious to know what he had to say. Frankly i was hoping finally he will come to our side and strive for legitimate tanzeem sazi but as usual the article can be summed up as neither here nor there.

The purpose of the article is very clear PTI is nothing and IK is everything. This suits him because if IK is everything then he can expect to retain his access to titles. Here is last para of his article that conclude his thoughts without any mention of PTI:

This is a cause worth fighting and sacrificing for. No one has fought harder or sacrificed more than Imran Khan for this cause. Insafians should have faith that Imran Khan has not fought this long and hard battle to compromise with the powers of status quo with victory at hand. Similarly Imran Khan should have faith in the people of Pakistan and their junoon for change, and other than Allah look towards no one else to help fulfill his dream of a Naya Pakistan.

I have no problem working with Asad Umar as there is no corruption allegation against him. But how can we work with a person who does not believe PTI has any value and all his energies are focused on IK as an individual.

What Next?

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