Unconstitutional notification of JKT and SMQ by Abdul Q Kundi

One of the most important ingredient of a good organization is legitimate authority. In the absence of legitimacy those appointed to a position have no authority to make decisions that are binding on the organization.

Another important concept to keep in mind is that power in politics does not emanate from a title. A title is only useful to create discipline in an organization. An illegitimate title does not have either political power or authority which ultimately results in chaos, divisions and loss of political mandate.

Chairman Imran Khan has many qualities but he does not have organizational skills because he has never worked in a career job where he has to work 9 to 5 to succeed. Success of SKMH and NAMAL is because of introduction of capable leaders with legitimate authority. Unfortunately IK was not able to replicate same in PTI. In last five years i have tried to explain the above two points to Imran Khan without success. Today it is proven again that IK is not capable to build a political tanzeem which requires adherence to party constitution, consensus building and placement of people based on their capabilities.

Today notifications are issued for appointment of JKT and SMQ as secretary general and Vice Chairman respectively. This decision will further divide the party and erode its chances of winning in 2018 general elections. These gentlemen held these positions for almost 4 years but could not produce results even in their own South Punjab region and expectations are low for improved performance. Just few weeks ago SMQ candidate Ashraf Sohna in Okara could not even secure enough votes to give a fight and was at fourth place. Similar performance by other candidates recommended by JKT and SMQ.

Now imagine JKT telling voters he will punish corruption or SMQ telling people he will build Naya Pakistan. Will voters believe it? I don’t think so and it is clear from the recent election results.

Get ready to reclaim our party from these status quo politicians. Develop district councils and stand up for building a legitimate tanzeem. JKT and SMQ has tried before to control this party many times and failed. Remember we can only reclaim our country when we reclaim our party from these status quo politicians.

What Next?

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