Roadmap for tanzeem sazi of PTI by Abdul Q Kundi

After I sent an email about de-notification of JKT and SMQ many asked then how can we organize the party. The main hurdle in organizing the party is the culture of nepotism and cronyism introduced by people like JKT, SMQ and Pervez Khattak. Despite their bad performance they manipulate Chairman Imran Khan to get unconstitutional notifications first for themselves and then for their blue eyed. First step all of you have to take is to reject unconstitutional notifications. Recently Sind Women Wing President Nazia Rabbani stood up and filed petition against unconstitutional parachute appointment of Sind Women Wing President. Her activism worked and Zunera Malik was de-notified. PTI UK also refused to accept a parachute landing on their head.

The most important thing that we have to achieve to overcome divisions is consensus. Inshallah in my next visit to your district I will discuss ideas with you to achieve consensus about the approach to tanzeem sazi. But here are some general principles that we must uphold to build a good tanzeem:

  1. Intra-party elections (IPE) have to be held to ensure long term success and institutionalization of the party. But the way Chairman Imran Khan wanted these IPEs it would cause more divisions and chaos then building of a tanzeem. For a proper IPE there should be a long term approach. A capable and independent election commission that research how IPEs are done in UK, USA, Germany, Turkey and India. Based on this learning they have to develop a system that suits Pakistani culture. This requires time and consistent support from the top leadership.
  2. Since IPE can’t be held in the short term, constitution of the party should be followed to erect an interim organization. I agree that our current constitution has many short comings but it is still better to follow it rather than violate it. There are many solutions in the constitution that we can pursue in current situation. I will need your consent on it when I come to your district.
  3. Only locals should decide about their leaders. Our members in each district should recommend who should lead them rather than five people in Islamabad land people on their head. Those that go to Islamabad to seek a position usually does not have local support and are weak leaders. It is not very difficult to find out what is the preference of our district teams. Once good leaders are appointed that has local support then those opposing them for self-interest can be brought under discipline for which various tools are available.
  4. Our Think Tank has to be reinstalled with capable technocrats/experts that have deep knowledge of their domains. I have been developing a list of technocrats with your help. Please keep sending names. Once installed this Think Tank should then send weekly policy brief to all MPAs and MNAs via email. They can also develop detailed sector reports as well.
  5. Our Wings are not working properly. They have to be reformed and directed to make inroads in their special interest groups.

The above road map is not easy to achieve rather it is very difficult in the current divisive environment of PTI. It is even more difficult because Chairman of the party has become hostage of handful of people including SMQ, JKT and Pervez Khattak. But with your complete support inshallah we will be able to achieve the objective. So the key to success is your support. If you are not ready for it then nothing can be done.

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