Jahangir Tareen strategy will make PTI lose by Abdul Q Kundi

Today express tribune published a detailed report about Jahangir Khan Tareen (JKT) strategy to win 2018 general elections. Here is key plank of this strategy:

“Our basic narrative is change. We will build on this narrative by questioning why change is necessary for you. You then need to transform this narrative into votes, and [for that] you will need strong candidates,”

The report defines strong candidates as: Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) now plans to contest the next elections with ‘winning’ horses at the forefront.

If we sum up this in one sentence then it means people of Pakistan are dumb and can be fooled again and again. JKT is telling people that we will present a hollow slogan of change but will in reality adopt more of the same. In other words there is an inherent contradictions in his strategy. And my limited knowledge of politics tells me elections are not won on contradictions especially at the national level. The so called wave for a party is built on a message that is believable and devoid of contradictions. For instance, PML N says they want to develop Pakistan through motorways and CPEC. It is a believable message. Or when PPP says roti kapra aur makan it is believable because they always come up with schemes like Benazir Income Support Program that has 34 million members as of today. The strategy proposed by JKT will benefit him more than PTI. It will place him as a potential candidate for PM just like PK did in KP.

JKT served as Sec Gen of PTI for three years until dissolution of old bodies. During his tenure PTI lost almost all elections including Gilgit-Baltistan, local government and by-elections. During his term we lost face by submitting fake NA resignations and verdict of JC that there was no systematic rigging in 2013 general elections. The chief counsel for JC was handpicked by JKT who did not even present our case properly.

It is people like JKT and Shah Mehmood Qureshi (SMQ), that have constituency level thinking, which has severely damaged the prospects of PTI to win in next general elections. Both of  them belong to South Punjab where PTI lost miserably in 2013 GE and LG elections. Their decisions of last three years has made it clear that they always miss the big picture and adopt a course that gives them short term benefits but mess up long term gains for the party. For instance, their strategy of dharna is to consume all the energy of PTI grass roots so that they don’t have any time to think about tanzeem and hence oppose violation of merit and party constitution. In other words for their personal benefit they are advising party to hold a dharna rather than to hurt PML N because JKT himself and his close associates have offshore companies.

In the report JKT openly says to use base for the dirty work while tickets should be given to his favorites. Another report suggested JKT and SMQ wants to control districts now through their favorites

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