Jahangir Tareen and Shah Mehmood Qureshi should follow example of David Cameron by Abdul Q Kundi

As soon as Brexit results were out David Cameron announced that he is resigning from the post of Prime Minister. Chairman Imran Khan and his close advisers JKT and SMQ have been giving examples of UK and Iceland in their public statements. Using the same concept we reject the unconstitutional notification of JKT as Secretary General and SMQ as Vice Chairman. Under their watch PTI has lost almost every election. Here is a short list of failures of JKT and SMQ:

  1. 2013 General Election in which we did not win any NA or MPA seats except SMQ and Javed Hashmi in South Punjab. We were expecting atleast 15 MNAs from that region.
  2. We lost almost all by-election including home constituency of Chairman NA-71.
  3. Lost vote in KP and out of 24 districts we made majority in only 9 but even in these we did not had clear majority and needed coalitions to form governments.
  4. Lost local government elections in Punjab so much so that more independent candidates won than PTI.
  5. Lost Karachi that gave us the historic number of votes in 2013 general elections
  6. Lost Dharna of 2014 which started with a promise that resignation of PM is a done deal.
  7. Lost face in Judicial Commission investigating rigging in 2013 general elections. That JC was like a referendum in UK.
  8. They ran away from intra-party elections (IPE) because they had no support in the party.

These are some major failures of JKT and SMQ but despite these failures they still don’t have the dignity to leave their unearned posts. It is established beyond doubt that JKT and SMQ are only constituency level politicians and do not have the vision or the intellect to lead party at national level. Chairman Imran Khan seems to be under some influence to continue relying on these bad advisers.

What Next?

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