IN is better than OUT for Brexit by Waqar Mohammad

For those still perplexed regarding the EU referendum tomorrow and those who have made their minds up, I thought it important to share a few words about why I will be voting to REMAIN.

– Many people are unaware that at the inception of the EU we rejected the idea, only to beg to join back. For years we were not allowed to join.

– If we leave it will heavily restrict our trade. This means small businesses will most likely find it difficult to provide their products to Europe due to the taxes and costs related to overseas trade – an outcome which may eventually close them down.

– We may save a lot of money prima facie, but we get a hell of a lot back in EU grants, inward investment from blue-chip companies and more. Look at the wider picture and not just the narrative being shoved down our throats.

– Contrary to what is being said, migrants from Syria etc. are nothing to do with EU. We, as a nation have a responsibility to other nations & humans so this should and will continue regardless of whether we are in the EU or not. Migrants from the EU are another story. Most come here to work. Maybe there are some who reap the rewards of our ultra lax social benefits, but surely isn’t that something we should debate on and push for in our constituencies? We can’t have the best of both worlds.

– Turkey. For years they have been wanting to join the EU but have not been able to due to various reasons. By them joining, it may open the doors to a lot of people migrating to the UK, but remember, they would be able to go anywhere in the EU too. On the converse, people = skill set. There are pros and cons to everything, the same applies to the Turkey argument.

– Sovereignty. Now, anyone with this argument, I would like to ask what they mean by this word. I would also like to ask who runs brussels, and what powers we have lost to the EU. If you can answer these questions, I would happily discuss this moot point.

– Jobs. This is utter rubbish. If you are qualified for a certain job and are the better candidate you will get the job. Its that simple. If you don’t, there is someone better than you, FairPlay to them and better luck next time to you. Keep trying! For those that complain about being undercut, if you provide a good service for a fair amount – you will have a healthy business. Chances are you reading this on a £500+ mobile phone which proves my point.

– Terrorism. What nonsense! We have been in the EU for 40+ yet most terrorist attacks have occurred with in the last decade or so. Tie that in with our foreign policy over the same time and the results speak for themselves.

– Representation. I’m sure most people can conjure a debate on the above points, and that is your right. But please take a moment to reflect at the names and faces representing the REMAIN campaign versus those representing LEAVE. Yes, David Cameron is the red herring in the REMAIN camp, for once he has made the right move. Jokes aside, comparing the representatives of the campaign, should help you figure out what is right.

I have deliberately avoided putting in facts and figures because we have, for the past x amount of weeks had enough data to digest for a lifetime. If anyone requires more info on the referendum, though its so late, I would be happy to discuss in detail.

What Next?

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