Gag order by PTI central disciplinary committee by Abdul Q Kundi

Central Disciplinary Committee (CDC) of PTI has issued a gag order against criticism of party policies. This gag order is not unexpected as whenever close friends of IK like JKT. SMQ, Pervez Khattak and Aleem Khan are criticized then decisions are taken to punish those that engage in it. As you know in last few days I have sent many emails criticizing political failure of JKT and SMQ. We have suspension of Justice Wajih and show cause to SCAD members as facts to show this trend. Resignation of Central Election Commissioner Tasneem Noorani and his associates was also the reason because these people refused to allow them to operate independently. This gag order shows that agitation against unconstitutional appointments and notifications has wide support in the party.

I would like to inform the members of CDC that dissent and disagreement is not disrespect. It is Imran Khan himself who has said repeatedly that human beings are not sheep. All we are doing is refusing to be treated as sheep.

There is one good thing and one bad thing in this gag order.

  1. Repeated references that we are not doing any work just criticizing policies may be an indication that IK wants us to play a role in party organization and administration. This could be a good thing. I don’t want to brag about my contributions to the party but our party organization in Karachi and D I Khan is a witness how much work I have done for the party success in LG and general elections 2013 respectively.
  2. The negative thing is that CDC has not issued any warning to people that sign unconstitutional notifications. It is these parachute appointments that are causing major break down in the party discipline.

What is the way forward? There are two options infront of us:

  1. Dialogue to form a consensus about building tanzeem of the party. Whenever someone approached me for a dialogue I have never said no to them. But the problem is on the other side IK does not want any dialogue but complete submission to his will. This gag order suggests IK might now be willing for a dialogue to form a party wide consensus. Or
  2. Confrontation in which CDC issues show causes and suspension orders. I would like to remind CDC that punishing people on their principled position only energizes the reform movement rather than die it down. Suspension of Justice Wajih and show cause to SCAD did not demoralized rather energized us.

I am confident CDC will pursue the option of dialogue. My optimism is from the fact that instead of issuing show cause CDC chose to issue a gag order although I have no other evidence that is the case. I have to consult our team members if option of dialogue is availed by CDC.

Finally soldiers fight for justice. Each party has many ex-servicemen serving the parties with distinction. In our party Gen Bajwa, Brig Simon, Brig Abbas, Brig Reaz Bashir, Col Ejaz Minhas, Col Yunus Ali Raza, and many others have supported and guided us in reforming the party. I am confident Brig Tipu will spearhead the efforts to unite the party rather than become instrument of division to facilitate few.

Following is the text of the gag order issued by CDC:

Ladies and Gentlemen,Assalamoalaikum,

While the CDC is not obliged to answer personal e mails unless a formal case is launched and accepted by the CDC forum yet it chooses to caution certain individual e mails that use derogatory/inappropriate remarks against the Chairman of the Party. Some of the dispatches have been persisting for a long time now and have indeed resulted in harming the Party even more than what the Party’s sworn political opponents could achieve. It is also surprising that the essence of these mails seek to marginalize the persona of Party’s Founder and Chairman as well as blatantly challenging his decisions constantly over a long time now. The PTI’s interest has therefore been seriously infringed upon repeatedly.

Whereas the PTI affords constructive criticism more than any other political party yet in all political fairness it should remain within the accepted norms of purpose. The CDC does not wish to repeat such unfortunate intimidating language which is replete in scores of e mails by few individuals who have never had any personal positive contribution towards the progress and growth of the Party-In fact some of main architects of the this rather negative phenomenon are not even in Pakistan.

The foundations of the biggest Political entity in Pakistan the PTI therefore cannot rest as an edifice on negative generation of few e mails that seek to spread pessimism from distant locations overseas and that take pleasure in disrespecting its very founder and leadership. Some of the mails constantly challenge the decisions of the Chairman while being completely dormant to work for the Party’s progress. The language and thrust of these mails have been below any acceptable standards of norms of political intercourse.

The CDC is not mandated to question the decisions of the Chairman nor can any outfit afford any loaded disrespect for its chain of command and authority that hampers the efficiency; fueling willful slanderous trends.

The CDC therefore decides to impose caution on authors of such infamous communications that are counterproductive to the overall interest of the Party-Let it also be known that the CDC has decided to evaluate all such e mails. Specific observations and decisions shall be announced /communicated to particular individuals very soon.

Arshad Dad .                                                 Brig r Tipu Sultan
The convener                                                 Member

26th June’16

What Next?

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