De-notification of Jahangir Tareen and Shah Mehmood Qureshi by Abdul Q Kundi

I sent a petition to Disciplinary Committee of PTI to de-notify unconstitutional appointment of JKT and SMQ as Secretary General and Vice Chairman respectively. First of all I want to thank all of you for always supporting our cause for institutionalization of the party. I am especially thankful to central leaders of the party Justice Wajih, Saleem Jan, Jahangir Rehman, Firdous Shamim Naqvi, Samar Ali Khan, Feroz Khan, Col Ejaz Minhas, Ali Asghar Khan, Tasneem Noorani, Simon Samson Sharaf, Yaqoob Izhar, and Reaz Bashir for encouragement and support. We have a consensus on the destiny that we have to reach. I also want to highlight the so called ideologues like Dr. Arif Alvi, Asad Umar, Ejaz Chaudhry, Ch Sarwar and Hamid Khan that are always ready to compromise for selfish interests and damage the institutionalization of the party. Yet again these gentlemen are ready to accept unconstitutional appointment of Sec Gen and Vice Chairman because they are expecting notification for themselves as well.

Following is the text of the petition:

Salam Brig Tipu and Col Yunus Ali Raza
Members of PTI Disciplinary Committee

Discipline in a party cannot be established until positions are filled through constitutional provisions and merit is upheld. PTI as a political party is owned by its members and is not a personal asset of any one individual or a family. Office holders are custodians rather than owners of the party interests. I have been repeating these concepts for a long time but it seems the Chairman of the party does not believe in either discipline or rule of law. This fact is again evident from the unconstitutional appointment of Jahangir Khan Tareen (JKT) and Shah Mehmood Qureshi (SMQ) as Secretary General and Vice Chairman respectively.
Through this petition we would request the Disciplinary Committee of the party to issue orders for the de-notification of Jahangir Khan Tareen and Shah Mehmood Qureshi as secretary general and vice Chairman based on following facts:

  1. Secretary General and Vice Chairman are elected positions and Chairman does not have the authority to appoint anyone to these positions.
  2. Chairman has used the pretext of Panama Papers agitation to notify these individuals. How can a person who himself has offshore companies be appointed as a secretary general to lead the party in these agitations?
  3. JKT served as a secretary general of the party for three years until dissolution of former bodies. During that time party constitution was violated repeatedly under his watch. As custodian of party constitution he failed to uphold it despite repeated petitions filed with his office. We can produce these petitions to the committee if required by them. This fact alone is enough to disqualify him to hold the office of the Secretary General.
  4. The order issued by PTI Election Tribunal headed by Justice Wajih has stipulated that JKT engaged in irregularities in last intra-party elections. Chairman publicly accepted the orders of the PTI ET and dissolved former bodies. This disqualify JKT to hold position of the Secretary General.
  5. JKT and Shah Mehmood Qureshi (SMQ) colluded and conspired to sabotage the intra-party elections (IPE). There are many public statements from these two that was used by the Chairman to suspend the IPE process. SMQ has publicly stated that JKT is not qualified enough to distribute party tickets. The motive for this is now obvious that both these gentlemen had no support in the grass roots and were worried that they will lose in the IPE so they sabotaged it for personal gains.
  6. SMQ hold a ceremonial position of Vice Chairman which has no constitutional authority to take any decisions. SMQ has been member of almost all parliamentary boards that violated merit to award tickets for 2013 GE, Senate, LG and by-elections. Recent example is the ticket for Okara by-election in which SMQ proposed a candidate in violation of merit which was proven when the candidate could not secure enough votes to be a winner or even a runner up. There are many other such violations which has damaged the party standing among voters.
  7. Both JKT and SMQ have made many public statements suggesting that they will not accept any unconstitutional position. These statements are available on social media. These were empty and hollow promises to deceive party members. In reality they were conspiring against the wishes of party members to seek positions for themselves in violation of party constitution.
  8. Both JKT and SMQ held national level positions but could not help party to win even in South Punjab that is their home base. Not only that as advisers to Chairman they have given such bad political advice that party has lost almost all its support among voters. This is evident from the recent losses in by-elections in which PTI candidates were rejected by electorate. Despite these repeated failures they have manipulated the office of the Chairman to notify themselves for unconstitutional titles.

In the light of above facts, it was our responsibility to approach the disciplinary committee to take necessary action. This petition is within party discipline and we hope that the committee will ensure justice. In the absence of justice inside the party the other options are public protests and law suits which only hurt the party. We have so far refrained from engaging in any such activity and hope that matter will be given due consideration by the Disciplinary Committee.

This is public petition and will be shared with party members.

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