Senator Rand Paul lack of geography and history by Abdul Q Kundi

Senator Rand Paul in his congress debate speech attacked Pakistan’s foreign policy and called it hypocritical and duplicitous especially in relations to US war in Afghanistan. These allegations are surprising because Senator Paul seems to be unaware about the history of Afghanistan-Pakistan relations as well as long history of US-Pakistan strategic cooperation. Pakistan has repeatedly been a front line state to protect international community from ideological attacks that were detrimental to the promotion of freedom of expression, religion and human rights. This has cost our country over 40,000 lives and $100 billion damage to the infrastructure. In return as per Senator Rand Paul paltry $15 billion has been provided that also include coalition support fund. We understand that US is now more interested in courting India as a strategic partner in their Asia pivot. But using a zero sum approach in South Asia is a mistake and could result in imbalance of power in the region.

US-Pakistan have to work together to resolve many outstanding regional issues including regaining balance of power; fighting drug trafficking and terrorism. The approval to provide F16 is more for protection of US interests than just Pakistan alone. Neglecting the needs of Pakistan in having sufficient conventional weapons means that non-conventional methods have to be adopted by the country to maintain a balance of force.

President Obama and his administration has taken a back seat in resolving issues of Kashmir and Afghanistan. This has created many uncertainties in the region that has to be addressed for stability, peace and prosperity.

The speeches of Senator Rand Paul, Sen Ben Cardin, Senator Bob Corker and many others once again confirmed long held view that US does not have permanent friends or allies only interests. The congress refusal to grant sale of F16 through some financial support is an indication of changing strategic interest of USA than failure of Pakistan to deliver on its promises.

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