Request to COAS to walk the talk by Abdul Q Kundi

Janab General Raheel Sharif sb in your speech on April 19th in Kohat a promise was made that military will support all efforts for across the board accountability and that eradication of corruption is important to root out terrorism. Constitutionally this is not your mandate to investigate and prosecute corruption. But you can provide support to the Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan in holding a referendum to get approval of the nation for a terms of reference (TOR) to tackle Panama Papers and other corruption allegations. Traditionally ECP has sought protection of polling stations from military to hold peaceful elections. This support may be critical in holding free and fair referendum for this anti-corruption act.

Pakistan can only progress and regain its dignified status among polity of nations when capable and honest leadership emerge from grass roots through a constitutional process. Military takeovers have aggravated the situation rather than help it. Similarly expansion of military role in civilian matters create security risk. Civilian organs should perform their tasks like Judiciary punishing white collar crimes; police maintaining law and order; FBR conducting audit of those whose name appears in Panama Papers; and ECP monitoring and regulating political parties.

What Next?

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