Khurshid Shah speech in Parliament by Abdul Q Kundi

Leader of opposition Khurshid Shah spoke about tax return of Jinnah and then jumped to today. He did not care to mention how much tax was paid those in the middle ZAB, BB and AAZ. Bilawal Houses are appearing all over the country through sheer power of prayers which are not taxable. We are expecting that this PPP will form a TOR that contain corruption.

He also asked why gulf is widening between rich and poor. He should have first looked around and see how many poor or middle class are in the assembly. Since poor has no representation in the assembly no one is concerned about them. Assembly has become a social club of rich people. They exhibit same behavior in the assembly that they do in gymkhanas around the country. Restricted access to membership.

He criticized Prime Minister for being absent to listen to the speeches of opposition. But did not provide any explanation why they ran away from the parliament on Monday. He also did not shed any light on corruption in Sind government and why lives of people did not improve after eight years of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)  rule. The duality of status quo politicians has severely damaged the people trust on democratic institutions.

PTI-Q, PPP and PML N are all beneficiaries of tax evasion and corruption. FBR should perform tax audit of all those named. ECP should issue show cause to all political parties whose names appear in corruption. Clean up has to be done through constitutional organs of the state. CJ should seek mandate for TOR through a referendum.

What Next?

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