Fake democrats by Abdul Q Kundi

There is an axiom used in Pakistani folklore which says Naqal Kay Liya bhi aqal Chahye. It seems our democratic model is a badly copied naqal of the Western democracy thereby lacking some basic features of it. Elected government considers that they have absolute power to do anything once elections are done without any regard to public opinion about their decisions and policies. Opposition considers street protest their fundamental right but refuse to use parliament as a proper forum of protest. Government considers state organs are their tools to use against arm twisting of opponents. And Opposition consider their protests are peaceful by completely ignoring the disruption it causes to lives of people.

This basically means that the fake democrats occupying treasury and opposition parties are elites of this nation that are playing a game of thrones. They have no concern for people and their rights. We can’t fix this country until we fix our politics and the first step in that direction is ECP issuing show cause to all parties whose members are listed in Panama Papers leaks and other corruption allegations. ECP has failed miserably in holding free elections as well as regulate political parties. ECP is a facilitator of game of thrones rather than implementer of a democracy for the people by the people. The poor and middle classes of the country carry the burden of this corrupt elites by paying lion share of the taxes collected by the government.

What Next?

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