CJ should invoke article 48 (1) & (2) for a referendum on JC by Abdul Q Kundi

Chief Justice (CJ) of Pakistan today sent a letter to the government to explain their position with reference to formation of a judicial commission (JC). Bottom line is that they want legislation that can provide platform for tangible results to eradicate corruption and tax evasion. The key phrase is the last line which says this is not the final response. Since PML N has substantial majority in parliament and names of opposition parties also appear in Panama Papers they have vested interest not to find a resolution. The draft legislation should be referred to people because most parties have a conflict of interest. CJ of Pakistan should request a referendum invoking article 48 (1) and (2) of the constitution of Pakistan.

We tend to make things complicated. We can make progress if CJ asks FBR to conduct tax audit of all individuals named in corruption and provide certificate of no tax evasion. Similarly ECP should be asked to provide certificate that no concealment of assets was committed by any sitting or former member of assembly. NAB has never been an effective forum to contain corruption considering their performance of last 14 years.

Democracy will only strengthen when constitutional measures are taken to address issues of corruption, social and economic injustice. Any unconstitutional measures or doctrine of necessity will push us backward rather than move us forward.

What Next?

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