PM Speech on Panama Papers by Abdul Q Kundi

PM made a very interesting political speech. It had three parts. In the first part he pleaded being a victim of aggression by former governments of Pakistan as well as separation of East Pakistan. In the second part he announced himself not guilty of any wrong doings. In the third part he announced control of the process by establishing a judicial commission to probe. Bottom line he retained the initiative in his own hands. Opposition should reject this judicial commission and instead announce its own proposals. In USA these things are handled by appointing a special prosecutor. The job of the prosecutor is to collect evidence against a sitting head of government and if creditable evidence is found then next steps are taken that include impeachment or recall election.

It seems in Pakistan we have lost all sense of rationality. Almost everyone engages in one or the other form of corruption but we demand that PM should be an honest person. A common man violates traffic laws while the rulers steal and do not pay taxes. God has already informed us a bad community gets bad leaders. So the way forward is to fix the whole society rather than just politicians. That does not mean I don’t want PM to be answerable and should be punished for any financial wrong doings if evidence is found. But it seems there are some analysts that are looking towards an honest general to abrogate constitution thereby fixing corruption through committing violation. Some are pointing to resignation of Iceland PM but did they ever had martial law. For political stability the key requirement is better political parties that are not family enterprises or personality cults. We don’t have it and that is what we need to develop.

What Next?

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