Moral Authority by Abdul Q Kundi

These days one word is quite common in talk shows, political speeches and drawing room talks. It is moral authority. Opposition parties especially PTI Chairman Imran Khan demands that since Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has lost moral authority so he should resign from his elected position. Opponents of Imran Khan say that he does not have moral authority to seek resignation because he protected a corrupt CM by allowing Director General KP Ehtisab Commission General Hamid Khan to resign and amendments made to the Ehtisab Act in a haste. Media suggests that judicial commissions have been ineffective historically so they don’t have moral authority to investigate panama papers. Citizen activists on social media are creating derogatory cartoons of the PM to create public pressure for him to resign. Those that do not like Imran Khan are making their own cartoons suggesting that he is too eager to become Prime Minister. Some are asking General Raheel that only he has the moral authority so he should take over through unconstitutional acts. In other words engage in an unethical act thereby losing his moral authority to protect the nation from corrupt politicians.

Almost everyone has one or the other reason to invoke moral authority to seek decisions favored by them. But the reality is that the whole nation has lost moral authority because everyone is engaged in one or the other form of corruption. It is resulting in chaos that is producing social and economic break down. The need is to re-establish moral authority of the whole nation which is only possible when every citizen decides to practice respect for rule of law; sense of responsibility to discharge their duties and respect for other citizens without any bias towards race, religion and social status. We have to remember that a bad community gets bad leaders and a good community stops bad leaders to rule over them.

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