Open letter to Senator Nauman Wazir by Abdul Q Kundi

Salam Janab Senator Nauman Wazir Sb

In a nation of 108 million people there are only 104 individuals that achieve the high honor of being members of the upper house of parliament. In a bicameral arrangement, Senate was created so that smaller provinces have an equilibrium with larger provinces to protect their rights. In a National Assembly, larger provinces have overwhelming majority that could be detrimental to protect interests and rights of smaller provinces. As a senator from a small province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, your first responsibility is to be an effective negotiator on the floor of the assembly to debate on policies and legislation that could help the poor people Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. I hope you understand that being Senator is not a trophy that you can display in your drawing room rather a full time job to serve people.

Your second responsibility as Senator of KP is to visit the province and find out the condition of schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure. So that you can demand from central government more resources and better delivery of services. This will also enable you to guide the provincial government to serve the people better.

I am not sure what is the record of your attendance in Senate or what is your voting record on various legislation but it seems you have a lot of time available which is why you have accepted the position of Central Election Commission of PTI. It is surprising because if you have some time available then help the IDPs and fight for their cause of returning to their homes. Although considering the dilapidated condition of KP, a senator should be working overtime to help it.

When tickets for senate were awarded there were concerns that merit and due process was not adopted. Even if you got the ticket on merit, 18th amendment give party chief’s overriding powers to seek resignation of any elected representative of assembly. This means you serve in Senate at the pleasure of party Chairman. This also means that your position as Chief Election Commissioner of party will be compromised as there is a conflict of interest present. From media reports and party press releases it is clear that Chairman is looking for someone that will deliver a rigged election and can be controlled.

Based on these facts, it is impossible for us to accept you as Chief Election Commissioner of the party. On the other hand if you think the work of CEC is more important than your position in Senate then please resign from it and work as CEC to ensure free and fair elections. In that case, we assure you of our complete support and will have no objection to your appointment.

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